1914 – 1918 ROLL OF HONOUR 

Radcliffe on Trent 1914-1918 Roll of Honour lists four hundred local servicemen who served in the First World War; it includes those who survived as well as those who died. Names of those who died as a result of the war are highlighted in red.

Key: DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal; MC Military Cross; MM Military Medal; MSM Meritorious Service Medal; MID Mentioned in Despatches; CMG Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George; OBE Order of the British Empire; POW Prisoner of War.


BAGGALEY, Charles 1881–1955 Captain, Royal Army Chaplains’ Department.
BAGGLEY, Alfred 1892–1958 Sergeant 64430, Royal Army Medical Corps.
BAGGLEY, Bernard Thomas 1895–1956 Acting Corporal 27314, 10th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 51st Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division.
BAGGLEY, Matthew  1894–1916 Private 33634, 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters.
BAKEWELL, Bertie 1886–1959 Sergeant 25839, 52 Company, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BAKEWELL, Henry C 1888–1922 Gunner 188212, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BARNARD, Katherine 1893–? Worker 41674, 2 W.A.A.C., Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps.
BARRATT, Donald 1889–1973 Private 149274, 24th MG Company, Machine Gun Corps, 8th Division.
BARRATT, Harold Victor 1894–1963 Gunner 184629, Royal Field Artillery, D/147th Brigade.
BARRATT, Joseph 1885–1958 Gunner 23590, 2nd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BARRATT, William Henry  1888–1916 Sergeant 28393, 17th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 117th Brigade, 39th Division.
BARRY, Frederic Henry 1899–1970 Private 66458, Northumberland Fusiliers.
BARRY, John Hainsworth 1895–1968 Gunner 42144, 14th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, 16th Brigade, 26th Division.
BARRY, Richard Reginald 1896–1964 Gunner 71619, 14th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, 16th Brigade, 26th Division.
BARTRAM, Thomas William 1881–1955 Sergeant R/4/095122, Army Service Corps, 35th Remount Squadron.
BATES, John Dennis 1878–1950 Private 5/126871, 7th Recruits Distribution Battalion, The Training Reserve.
BECKETT, Winton John Keble 1891–1946 Corporal F/23535, Forage Department, Royal Army Service Corps.
BEE, William Henry 1890–1957 Private  20811, 11th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 70th Brigade, 23rd Division.
BEESON, Samuel Dent 1899–1962 Private 137545, Machine Gun Corps.
BEET, Horace  1893–1918 Gunner 11078, 1st Division Ammunition  Column, Royal Field Artillery.
BELL, Claude Henry 1896–1967 Sergeant 17525, 1st Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment, 64th Brigade, 21st Division.
BELL, Edward Upton  1899–1922 Private 29633, Grenadier Guards.
BELL, George  1886–1967 Lance Corporal 61312, Royal Engineers.
BELL, Henry 1877–1927 Regimental Sergeant Major 15463, Royal Engineers.
BELL, Sidney  1872–1918 Private 6/3989, 10th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion,  C Company, The Canterbury Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force.
BELL, Wilfred Thomas 1897–1951 Private 267857, 15th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 105th Brigade, 35th Division.
BELL, William James Shelton 1892–1965 Bombardier 84326, 158th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BELLABY, Edgar Mansell 1888–1970 Private 8782, 2nd Battalion, 1st Border Regiment, 20th Brigade, 7th Division.
BEMROSE, Bertie  1890–1918 Lance Corporal 11249, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 8th Division.
BEMROSE, Ernest  1889–1914 Lance Corporal 10411, 2nd Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 18th Brigade, 6th Division.
BEMROSE, Frederick Raynor 1895–1961 Gunner 65409, 85th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BEMROSE, Horace 1881–1926 Staff Sergeant S2/015357, Army Service Corps.
BEMROSE, John Thomas 1898–1958 Private 281328, 360 Company, Labour Corps.
BEMROSE, Percy  1893–1915 Private 11500, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 8th Division.
BEMROSE, Tom 1897–1959 Driver 612391, 1072 Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 215th Brigade.
BEMROSE, William 1885–1946 Driver 38659, Royal Field Artillery, 38th Brigade, 6th Division.
BERRIDGE, Gordon Peniston   1886–1915 Private 7434, 1st Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment, 16th Brigade, 6th Division.
BERRY, Joseph Travis 1886–1964 Colour Sergeant 14006, 24th Battalion, Manchester Regiment, 91st Brigade, 7th Division.
BINGLEY, Leslie Joseph 1899–1972 Able Seaman R.1130, Hood Battalion, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division.
BIRD, Philip William Kimberley 1886–1952 Acting Sergeant 1175, Royal Army Medical Corps.
BIRKBY, John 1896–1984 Sapper 253117, Royal Engineers.
BIRKBY, Thomas Henry  1893–1917 Gunner 63959, C Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 95th Brigade, 21st Division.
BIRKIN, Charles Wilfred CMG 1865–1932 Lieutenant Colonel, 1st/7th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
BISHOP, John Fillingham 1891–1963 2nd Lieutenant, 1st/7th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
BLACKIE, John Hubert Eagleson 1892–1958 Able Seaman J65389, Royal Navy, HMS Renown.
BLATHERWICK, George Harry  1892–1915 Private 6/1468, 3rd Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, The Canterbury Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force.
BLATHERWICK, Herbert Edward 1893–1963 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BLATHERWICK, Robert Hugh  1894–1916 2nd Lieutenant, 10th Battalion, Prince of Wales Own (West Yorkshire) Regiment, 62nd Brigade, 21st Division.
BLEW-JONES, Douglas Holden 1894–1947 Lieutenant, No 1 (1st Life Guards Battalion), Guards Machine Gun Regiment.
BLOOD, Harold Bertram 1892–1956 Private 48033, The Leicestershire Regiment.
BOLTON, Cecil Arthur Reginald 1898–1918 Private 27566, 1st Bn, The Princess Victoria’s (Royal Irish Fusiliers), 108th Brigade, 36th (Ulster) Division.
BOLTON, Oswald 1895–1960 Private 2007, 3rd District Guard, Home Service, Australian Imperial Force.
BRADLEY, George 1887–1959 Private 58388, Machine Gun Corps.
BRADLEY, Joseph 1892–1953 Bombardier L7861, Royal Field Artillery, 117th (Howitzer) Brigade, 26th Division.
BRAITHWAITE, J. 1895–1966 Driver 76037, Royal Field Artillery.
BRAMLEY, William Thomas 1893–1967 Sapper 58495,  Royal Engineers.
BREWSTER, E.        ? The Sherwood Foresters.
BREWSTER, George  1886–1916 Gunner 23394, 12th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BREWSTER, Henry 1890–? Sapper 348945, Royal Engineers.
BRICE, John Edward 1889–1960 Private 201285, 6th/7th Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers, 45th Brigade, 16th (Scottish) Division.
BRICE, Leonard Rushland 1892–1924 Corporal 306840, 2nd/8th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th (North Midland) Division.
BRICE, William Robert  1885–1918 Private 300858, Royal Air Force.
BROWN, Frederick  1883–1918 Private 32907, 2nd Battalion, The South Staffordshire Regiment, 6th Brigade, 7th Division.
BUGGINS, Thomas Alfred  1894–1917 Gunner 55150, 22nd Company, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BURNHAM, Arthur Ernest 1892–1984 Victualling Assistant, M24499, Royal Navy.
BURTT, A.        ? Royal Garrison Artillery.
BUXTON, Arthur Midgley 1892–1979 Gunner 69377, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BUXTON, Charles Henry 1893–1976 Gunner 79426, 11th Company, 148th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
BUXTON, George Tyman 1899–1959 Private 454708, Labour Corps.
BUXTON, William Henry 1889–1944 Corporal 030319, Royal Army Service Corps.
CAMPBELL, George Neil 1893–1936 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Air Force.
CARLIN, Benjamin  1899–1918 Private 48425, 5th Battalion, Alexandra (Princess of Wales’s Own) Yorkshire Regiment, 150th Brigade, 50th Division.
CARLIN, George 1896–1950 Gunner 62994, Royal Field Artillery.
CARNELL, Frank Richard 1882–1942 Gunner 157248, Royal Field Artillery, No. 5 Artillery Training School.
CARRINGTON, Frederick 1891–1956 Private 177539, Machine Gun Corps.
CAUNT, John Nicholson 1889–1948 Service no. 4960641. No further information currently available.
CHADWICK, Samuel Charles 1883–1974 Private 144027, Royal Fusiliers.
CHAMBERLAIN, George Collett 1893–1976 Gunner 67671, 51st Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
CHAMBERLAIN, Henry Collett 1886–1957 Private 467375, 407th  Agricultural Company, Labour Corps.
CHAMBERLAIN, Sam 1899–1966 Private 108551, 1/5th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
CHAMBERS, Thomas 1868–1946 Sergeant 155907, Royal Army Medical Corps.
CHAMBERS, Thomas Cyril 1897–1976 Gunner 201414, Royal Garrison Artillery.
CHERRY, Charles Douglas 1891–1970 Company Sergeant Major 4961535, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 8th Division.
CLARK, Arthur  1896–1915 Private 5068, 3rd Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters.
CLARKE, Claude Henry 1892–1956 Company Quarter Master Sergeant 229432, 19th Railway Company, Royal Engineers.
CLARKE, George 1879–1954 Sapper 283633, Royal Engineers.
CLARK(E), Harry 1881–1963 Private 194843, 348th Home Service Works Company, Labour Corps.
CLAYE, Charles Geoffrey 1895–1918 Lieutenant, 99th Squadron, Royal Air Force.
CLIPSHAM, Albert John 1884–1964 Driver 173871, C/4th Reserve Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.
CODDINGTON, Ernest Charles 1895–1972 Private 50003, 1st Battalion, The South Staffordshire Regiment, 22nd Brigade, 7th Division.
CODDINGTON, George Wakefield 1897–1970 Sergeant 242160, 1st/5th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 143rd Brigade, 48th (South Midland) Division.
COOK, Charles Montague 1888–1969 Private PW661, 5th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment.
COOK, John William 1893–1975 Private T/444780, Royal Army Service Corps.
COSTALL, Frank 1893–1915 Private 4774, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 8th Division.
COSTALL, William 1881–1946 Private 23876, 10th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 51st Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division.
COX, Percy Cyril  1895–1917 2nd Lieutenant, 25th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers, 103rd Brigade, 34th Division.
CROSS, Henry 1882–1969 Private 483076, 465th Agricultural Company, Labour Corps.
CROWDER, Frank 1898–? Able Seaman BZ5612, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS Artois.
CUTHBERT, Frederick 1892–1977 Sapper 490222, 5th Reserve Battalion, Royal Engineers.
CUTLER, William Percy 1886–1980 Lance Corporal 220665, Royal Army Service Corps.
DANIEL, Tom 1882–1949 Private 534605, 479 Agricultural Co., Labour Corps.
DANIELS, Frank Barratt  1892–1916 Lance Corporal 1598, 1st/7th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
DAVIES, Herbert Walter  1891–1983 Private 32929. Royal Army Medical Corps.
DAWSON, Walter  1893–1916 Private 34774, 9th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 33rd Brigade, 11th (Northern) Division.
DEXTER, Norman Lloyd MC 1891–1971 Lieutenant, 17th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 117th Brigade, 39th Division.
DOUGHTY, Fred 1886–1963 Corporal 38686, Royal Field Artillery.
DOUGHTY, George Edward 1898–1981 Gunner 23665, Royal Field Artillery.
DOUGHTY, Harold 1895–1975 Gunner 127653, 180th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
DRAPER, George William 1893–1963 Sapper 240147, 21st Train Crews, Light Trains Railway Company, Royal Engineers.
DRAPER, Percy  1887–1915 Private 7888, 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, 9th Brigade, 3rd Division.
DRAPER, Walter  1895–1915 Private 8200, 10th (Prince of Wales’s Own Royal) Hussars, 6th Cavalry Brigade, 3rd Cavalry Division.
DRAYCOTT, Bernard 1879–1934 Private 267345, The Sherwood Foresters.
DUKE, Francis Hitchcock 1893–1970 Private 508316,  Royal Army Medical Corps.
DUKE, Frederick Hitchcock 1895–1937 Corporal 63004, C Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 112th Brigade, 25th Division.
DUNGATE, George Thomas 1898–1968 Private 46849, 8th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment, 69th Brigade, 23rd Division.
DYSON, Walter  1878–1918 Sergeant 27472, 9th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 33rd Brigade, 11th (Northern) Division.
EASON, James Spencer 1894–1956 Lieutenant, The Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment).
EASTWOOD, Ernest Taylor  1877–1918 Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps.
EATON, Samuel  1882–1917 Private 267657, 1st/7th (Robin Hood) Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
ECOB, William Alfred 1893–1981 Captain, No.55 RAR Cadet Wing. Royal Air Force.
ELWIN, Gilbert Vernon 1895–1995 Corporal 56299, 112th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
ELWIN, Henry Fitz 1892–1946 Bombardier 56300, Royal Garrison Artillery.
ETTERLEY, Harold Claude 1889–1954 Private T/452250, 281 MT Company, Royal Army Service Corps
FALCONBRIDGE, Harold John  1893–1916 Lance Corporal R4721, 13th Battalion, Kings Royal Rifles Corps, 111th Brigade, 37th Division.
FAULKNER, George Newbold 1887–1929 Acting Corporal 47787, Royal Army Medical Corps.
FITZGERALD, Bernard Patrick DCM 1880–1918 Corporal TR5/163336, 10th Bn., The Leicestershire Regiment.
FLETCHER, Arthur Sydney 1897–1962 Driver 343949, Royal Engineers.
FLETCHER, Herbert 1897–1989 Aircraftman 305680, Royal Air Force.
FLETCHER, Ronald 1893–1975 Private 306525, 2nd/6th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 176th Brigade, 59th (2nd North Midland) Division.
FLOWER, Fred 1893–1970 Sergeant 113110, Machine Gun Corps.
FLOWER, George 1888–1957 Guardsman 2604172, 1st Bn, Grenadier Guards.
FLOWER, Harold 1895–1956 Staff/Colour Sergeant 9602,  1st Bn The Lincolnshire Regiment.
FLOWER, Herbert 1898–1963 Private 44383, A. Company, 1st Battalion, Alexandra, Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment), 2nd (Rawalpindi) Division.
FLOWER, John William 1885–1962 Sapper 343686, Royal Engineers.
FLOWER, Sam 1900–1975 Private S/453529, Durham Light Infantry.
FLOWER, Thomas 1894–1936 Lance Corporal 11787, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 8th Division.
FLOWER, William Robert 1891–1938 Private 242351, 8th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters.
FOSTER, Frank 1897–1986 Signaller 165708, C Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 277 Brigade.
FOSTER, George 1894–1970 The Sherwood Foresters (Robin Hoods)
FOSTER, Herbert John 1884–1963 Private 263072, Royal Air Force.
FOSTER, Owen Dudley 1892–1970 Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion (Special Reserve) Coldstream Guards, 1st Guards Brigade, Guards Division.
FOSTER, Robert James 1881–1963 Gunner 20395, Royal Field Artillery, 27th Brigade, 5th Division.
FOULDS, George Leonard 1900–1968 Corporal 123225, 51st (Graduated) Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 208th Brigade, 69th Division.
FRANKLIN, Ernest Tom 1886–1953 Able Seaman Z/4745, Collingwood Battalion, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division
FRYER, William 1879–1955 Driver T4/215133, Royal Army Service Corps (Horse Transport).
GAMBLE, Edward 1886–1923 Gunner 56308, 7th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
GETHING, Arthur Edward 1882–1958 Gunner 945771, East Yorkshire Regiment.
GIBSON, Walter         ? Royal Garrison Artillery.
GILES, Percy Thomas 1896–1973 Pioneer 222371, Royal Engineers.
GILMAN, John Tom 1892–1969 Private M2/113006, M/Company, Royal Army Service Corps.
GORE, Charles 1897–1962 Private 16344, 3rd (Reserves) Lincolnshire Regiment.
GORE, Joe MM 1893–1964 Corporal 71230, 10th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 51st Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division.
GRADY, James Oliver 1879–? Private 462505, 490th  Agricultural Company, Labour Corps.
GRAVES, George William 1897–1964 Able Seaman, Z/4486, Hawke Battalion, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division.
GRAVES, Harold 1899–1985 Private 43758, 1/5th Bn., The South Staffordshire Regiment.
GRAVES, Henry Edmund 1895–1974 Ordinary Seaman Z/4518, Anson Battalion, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division.
GRAY, William 1895– No further information currently available
GREEN, Lawrence Hubert 1888–1955 Driver M2/034605, MT Royal Army Service Corps.
HAINES, Samuel Arthur 1887–1976 Sergeant 48561, Royal Army Defence Corps.
HALE, Ernest 1893–1915 Lance Corporal 286, 1st/8th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
HALL, John Henry 1887–1971 Gunner 41443, 223rd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
HALLAM, Alfred Edward 1898–1967 Private M2/203267,  MT Royal Army Service Corps.
HALLAM, Frederick 1877–1933 Private DM2/170895, MT Royal Army Service Corps.
HALLAM, Robert Samuel  1898–1916 2nd Lieutenant, 15th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 105th Brigade, 35th Division.
HALLAM, William Henry 1895–1967 Lance Bombardier 69667, 3rd Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery.
HALLAM, William 1881–? Stoker 1(SH) 299779, Royal Fleet Reserve, HMS Colombine.
HANDFORD, William 1894–1973 Private 200348, The Sherwood Foresters.
HARBY,  Albert 1892–? Gunner L/42401, Royal Field Artillery.
HARRIS, Edward 1890–1958 Private 266070, 2nd/7th The Sherwood Foresters.
HARRIS, James  1888–1918 Private 267276, 1st/6th Northumberland Fusiliers, 149th Brigade, 50th Division.
HARRIS, Walter 1893–? Bombardier 63979, Royal Field Artillery.
HARRISON, B        ? Royal Engineers.
HARRISON, Thomas 1883–1963 Gunner 83965, A Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 97th Brigade, 21st Division.
HAYLOCK, Henry Evennett 1888–1954 2nd Lieutenant, American Heavy Artillery.
HAYNES, Harry Percy 1879–1950 Acting Sergeant 222201, Royal Field Artillery.
HAYNES, Samuel 1880–1957 Private 164643, Machine Gun Corps.
HAYNES, William Brewster 1885–1963 Acting Sergeant 185305, Royal Field Artillery.
HAYNES, William Brewster MID 1887–1953 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery, Ammunition Col., West Riding Division.
HOLLINGWORTH, Claud 1894–1963 Royal Army Medical Corps.
HOLMES, Francis Percival 1887–1969 Captain, Machine Gun Corps.
HOLMES, Frank 1882–1943 Private 176030, Queen’s Own Yorkshire Dragoons
HOLMES, George Henry 1870–1938 Private 700183, Labour Corps.
HOPEWELL, George Henry  1888–1949 Private 164676, Machine Gun Corps.
HOPKINS, Cecil 1897–1985 Private 27745, Coldstream Guards.
HOPKINS, Edmund Percy 1898–1965 Guardsman 25610, Coldstream Guards.
HOPPE, Edward Francis J 1875–1918 3rd Air Mechanic 166999, 10th Squadron, Royal Air Force.
HOULDGATE, George Robert 1882–1933 Private 487756, Royal Engineers.
HOUSELEY, Walter Reginald 1895–1966 Friends Ambulance Unit.
HOUSELEY, Wilfred 1898–1955 2nd Lieutenant 5th Reserve Regiment of Cavalry
HOUSTON, John Taylor 1884–1937 Private 79580, Royal Army Medical Corps.
HOWARD, Arthur 1893–1956 Stoker 112258, Royal Navy HMS Caledon.
HOWARD, Ernest  1887–1918 Private DM2/164850, MT Coy, Royal Army Service Corps, 5th Division.
HOWARD, George 1899–1960 Rifleman 99548, 1st/6th C Coy, Kings (Liverpool) Regiment.
HOWARD, Harry 1878–1952 Private 88814, 2nd Reserve, Machine Gun Corps.
HOWARD, William Arthur 1882–1929 Driver 34712, Royal Engineers.
HULL, Joseph William  1890–1917 Guardsman 146, 4th Battalion, Guards Machine Gun Regiment.
HUMPHREY, Ernest Francis 1886–1920 Corporal 17671, Royal Engineers, 7th Field Company, 4th Division.
HUMPHREY, T.        ? Corporal, Life Guards.
HUSKINSON, George Henry 1883–1938 Gunner 168882, Royal Garrison Artillery.
HYDE, Leslie Toyne  1889–1920 Lance Corporal 47751,  Royal Army Service Corps (Horse Transport).
INGRAM, Cecil Ismay Wakley   1888–1916 Private 12/967, 12th (Sheffield City) Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, 94th Brigade, 31st Division.
JACKSON, Henry 1876–1955 Captain, Imperial Merchant Service.
JARVIS, F.        ? Royal Army Service Corps.
JOHNSON, Harry DCM 1885–1954 Sergeant 88915, 298th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
JOHNSON, John William 1889–1968 Ordinary Seaman J65086, Royal Navy.
JOHNSON, William 1883–1952 Gunner 206447, B Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, No. 2 Siege Artillery Reserve Brigade.
JOHNSON, William Fielding 1895–1958 Bombardier 63057, B Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 295th Brigade.
KELLY, John 1881–1963 Private 80949, The Sherwood Foresters.
KETTLEBAND, William 1888–1961 Private 13234, 10th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 51st Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division.
KITCHEN, Percy Thomas  1890–1916 Private 26277, 16th (Chatsworth) Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 117th Brigade, 39th Division.
KNAPP, Richard 1882–1940 Private 49899, 1st Battalion, Essex Regiment, 88th Brigade, 29th Division.
LAMIN, George 1896–1970 Sapper 440567, Royal Engineers.
LARKIN, Fred 1876–1924 Private F24437, Y Company, Army Service Corps, Forage Dept.
LEES, Robert 1881–1964 Private R4/064179, Royal Army Service Corps Remounts.
LEESE, Charles Edgar 1894–1930 Private 210475, 360 Employment Company, Labour Corps.
LEESON, George Leonard 1887–1943 Private 205182, Royal Army Medical Corps.
LITCHFIELD, Gordon Arthur 1890–1973 Company Quarter Master Sergeant M1/7183, Royal Army Service Corps.
LOACH, Stephen 1881–1971 Driver 158537, Royal Field Artillery.
LODGE, William Thomas  1888–1918 Private 204692, 10th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 51st Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division.
LONGLEY, Walter 1881–1963 Bombardier 281387, Royal Garrison Artillery.
MACHIN, Edmund Thomas E. DCM, MID 1872–1961 Battery Sergeant Major 612002, Royal Horse Artillery.
MADDOCK, Herbert 1883–1918 Private 4274, 2nd Bn., Machine Gun Corps.
MADELEY, Wilfred Arthur MM 1888–1947 Sergeant 6893, 2nd Bn., Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division.
MALSOM, Frederick George  1897–1917 Private 763130, 1st/28th County of London Battalion (Artists Rifles), 190th Brigade, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division
MALSOM, Reginald Harry 1896–1980 Private 265603, The Sherwood Foresters.
MARSHALL, Henry MID (2 mentions) 1884–1935 Chaplain to the Forces, 3rd Class (Major), Royal Army Chaplains’ Department.
MARSHALL, Sidney Bell 1892–1946 Sergeant 132893, 279th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
MARSHALL, William 1881–1962 Private G53115, 1st/7th Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge’s Own), 23rd Brigade, 8th Division.
MARSTON, John 1887–1971 Private 20809, 13th (Reserve) Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters.
MARTIN, John Henry  1890–1916 Private 2990, 1/4th Battalion, Alexandra Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment), 150th Brigade, 50th Division.
MASON, Frederick Cecil 1891–1959 Private 58918, 10th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 51st Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division.
MASON, James Wilson 1897–1953 Lance Corporal 241096, 6th Scottish Rifles.
MASON, John Henry 1885–1946 Private 8490, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.
MAY, Wilfred 1888–1917 Private A/200168, 17th Battalion, Kings Royal Rifle Corps.
MILLS, Alfred Ernest 1899–1980 Private H276439, A Company Notts Yeomanry, Sherwood Rangers (Cyclist).
MOODY, Clarence James  1886–1915 Shoeing-Smith 99052, Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery, 47th Brigade, 14th (Light) Division.
MORLEY, Francis H.        ? Royal Army Medical Corps.
MULRANEY, Francis 1883–1967 Sergeant 17617, 19th (Service) Battalion, (3rd Salford) (Pioneers), Lancashire Fusiliers, 96th Brigade, 32nd Division.
NEALE, Frederick 1883–1969 Air mechanic 33044, Royal Air Force
NEWBURY, Alvin Henry  1889–1916 Corporal 2770, 1st/6th (City of London) Battalion (Artists Rifles), 47th (Second London) Division.
NEWBURY, Sydney Eldridge  1893–1917 2nd Lieutenant, 1st/7th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
NEWHAM, George Newton POW 1885–1952 Private 9161, 2nd Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 18th Brigade, 6th Division.
NEWTH, Ernest Edward 1882–1961 Rifleman B/200962, 9th (Service) Battalion, Rifle Brigade, 42nd Brigade, 14th (Light) Division.
NORTH, William        ? Royal Engineers.
NORTON, George 1878–1940 Corporal 118365, Royal Garrison Artillery.
NOWELL, Edgar Gale  1897–1917 Private 41108, 17th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 117th Brigade, 39th Division.
NOWELL, George A. Henderson 1891–1916 Sergeant 19087, 10th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 51st Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division.
NOWELL, John  1891–1918 Sergeant 266072, 9th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 33rd Brigade, 11th (Northern) Division.
NOWELL, John William POW 1885–1960 Private 41780, 1/4th Battalion, Alexandra Prince of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment), 150th Brigade, 50th Division.
NOWELL, Walter Ernest 1882–1947 No further information currently available.
NOWELL, Walter Horace 1894–1976 Gunner 188729, Royal Garrison Artillery.
OLIVER, Samuel 1891–1915 Private 2750, 1st/8th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
OSBORNE, Francis Percy Ralph 1902–1975 Aircraftman 284013, Royal Air Force.
OSBORNE, Samuel Bernal  1899–1918 Private 46908, 2nd Battalion, Essex Regiment, 12th Brigade, 4th Division.
OULD, Charles  1901–1970  Able Seaman J90518, Royal Navy.
OULD, John  1895–1916 Sergeant 479, 24th Infantry Battalion, 6th Brigade, 2nd Division, Australian Imperial Force.
PACKWOOD, Henry John 1886–1953 Gunner 72460, 60th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
PACKWOOD, Thomas William  1888–1918 Private 36412, 15th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 105th Brigade, 35th Division.
PAINE, Charles Frederick 1895–1916 Private 688, 24th Infantry Battalion, 6th Brigade, 2nd Division, Australian Imperial Force.
PARKER, Samuel  1866–1939 Private 7502, Royal Defence Corps
PARKES, Samuel  1899–1918 Private 103567, 10th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 51st Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division.
PATERSON, James Marshall 1880–? Sergeant Major M2/021586, Royal Army Service Corps.
PECK, Thomas Alfred  1889–1917 Bombardier 69378, 143rd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
PEPPER, Arthur 1889–1966 Corporal 41262, 3rd Bn., South Staffordshire Regiment.
PEPPER, Francis Harold 1898–1957 Private 166179,  A/39b Battalion Machine Gun Corps.
PEPPER, Frank 1899–1977 Able Seaman BZ/4487, Hood Battalion, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division.
PEPPER, Harry 1894–1925 No further information currently available.
PEPPER, John Thomas POW 1889–1952 A/LCpl 202697, 11th (Service) Battalion, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 59th Brigade, 20th (Light) Division.
PIKE, Charles Samuel Wightman 1882–1917 Gunner 113807, 232nd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
PIKE, Fred Wightman 1885–1953 Air Mechanic 225344, Royal Air Force.
PIKE, Henry 1878–? Gunner 290282 Royal Garrison Artillery 158th Battery, 38th Brigade.
PIKE, John Harry 1889–1949 Air Mechanic 224405, Royal Air Force.
PIKE, Tom Roberts 1893–1959 Air Mechanic 224418, Royal Air Force. Formerly Royal Naval Air Service.
PLOWRIGHT, Frank Joseph 1894–1980 Lieutenant, 10th Battalions, Bedfordshire Regiment.
PRIDE, Arthur Edward 1873–1951 No further information currently available.
PRIDE, George 1880–1952 Private 123338, 347th Works Company, Labour Corps.
PUGSON, Frank 1881–1965 Private 57537, The Royal Welch Fusiliers.
RASBEARY, Leonard Alfred 1893–1974 Private S4/042261, Royal Army Service Corps, 233rd Unit of Supply.
REDGATE, James Edward 1886–? Gunner 46620, 16th New Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
REDMILE, William 1880–1954 Driver M2/50174, Royal Army Service Corps.
RICHARDS, John William  1886–1916 Lieutenant 1st Royal Marine Light Infantry, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division.
RICHARDSON, Walter 1882–1929 Shoeing Smith/driver 63152, Royal Field Artillery
RICHMOND, Edward 1883–1933 Private 427349, 484th Agricultural Company, Labour Corps.
RICHMOND, Henry 1885–1932 Corporal T2/SR01876, 362 Company, Royal Army Service Corps.
RICHMOND, Leonard 1888–? Corporal SS/6582, Royal Army Service Corps.
RICHMOND, Leslie 1899–1988 Private 125099, 2nd Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters.
RICHMOND, Philip Henry 1891–1958 Gunner 151422, Royal Garrison Artillery.
RICHMOND, Thomas Leonard 1890–1957 Acting Sergeant 36422, The Sherwood Foresters.
RITTER, William Henry MID 1893–1917 Lieutenant, 15th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps.
ROBERTS, William  1875–1917 Driver 580, Ammunition Col., Canadian Field Artillery, 2nd Division.
ROBINSON, Francis Edward 1889–1961 2nd Lieutenant. 17th Bn, Tank Corps.
ROBOTHAM, Gerald 1899–1985 Flight Cadet 248907, Royal Air Force
ROCKLEY, Edward 1881–1929 Private 140480, Royal Army Medical Corps.
ROCKLEY, William Lisle 1896–1917 Lieutenant, 10th (Service) Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, 63rd Brigade, 37th Division.
ROOK, Percy 1890–1981 Lance Corporal 25043, 9th (Service) Battalion (Pioneers), Prince of Wales’s (North Staffordshire) Regiment, 37th Division.
ROSE, Edward 1890–1971 Lance Corporal 490071, 4th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 7th Division.
ROWLEY, William Henry        ? Major, No. 4 Depot, South Camp, Ripon, Royal Garrison Artillery.
ROZEE, Frank 1896–1982 Private 500526, 484th Agricultural Company.
RUSHMORE, Leonard William  1893–1919 Lance Sergeant 14988, 13th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers, 62nd Brigade, 21st Division.
RUSHTON, Albert 1897–1947 Private SE/30019, 4th Reserve Section Army Veterinary Corps.
RUSHTON, Alfred William 1891–1966 Driver T/260419, Army Service Corps, 530th Company.
RUSHTON, Arthur Robert 1896–1958 Private 138949, 634th (H.S.) Employment Company, Labour Corps.
RUSHTON, Frederick Arthur 1896–1972 Rifleman 13/43123, 12th (Service) Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles (Central Antrim), 108th Brigade, 36th (Ulster) Division.
RUSHTON, Samuel Kelsall 1870–1956 Captain, Indian Army Departments.
SAGE, Clement Augustus George 1894–1918 Private 21499, 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry.
SAINT, Isaac James 1874–1935 Sergeant 149129, Machine Gun Corps, 59th Division.
SAINT, John 1898–1956 Private 49463, 2/5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, 51st Brigade, 17th Division.
SCOTT, Herbert Howard 1890–1958 Corporal 127322, 45th Anti-Aircraft Company, Royal Garrison Artillery.
SCRIMSHAW, Harry 1885–1963 Private GS/112487, Royal Fusiliers.
SCRIMSHAW, Lewis Philip 1895–1978 Flight Sergeant 3127, Royal Air Force.
SEARLE, Frank 1883–1948 Private 242750, 2nd/5th Battalion, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 187th Brigade, 62nd (2nd West Riding) Division.
SEATON, Arthur William 1895–1966 Private 17025, Army Pay Corps.
SELBY, Edward James OBE, MID(3 mentions) 1890–1961 Major, Royal Army Medical Corps.
SEXTON, Albert Edward 1885–1954 Sapper 56640, Royal Engineers.
SHARP, Sidney John Manser 1892–1941 Second Lieutenant, 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment
SHEPHARD, George James  1897–1918 Private 33575, 13th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment, 119th Brigade, 40th Division.
SHEPHARD, John Thomas 1889–1965 Gunner 188865, 85 Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
SHEPPARD, Benjamin 1899–1918 Private 53239, 2nd/5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, 177th Brigade, 39th Division.
SHEPPARD, George 1894–? Driver 51317, Royal Army Service Corps.
SIMPSON, Archibald Vere 1889–1976 Lieutenant, 1st Northumberland Fusiliers, 9th Brigade, 3rd Division.
SIMPSON, Harold Evelyn 1896–1943 Private 37485, 12th (West Somerset Yeomanry) Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry, 229th Brigade, 74th Division.
SIMPSON, Thomas Hull 1889–1955 Corporal 31510, 13th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, 94th Brigade, 31st Division.
SKETCHLEY, Bernard Turney 1894–1932 Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, Durham Light Infantry Reinforcements, 4th (Rawalpindi) Brigade, 2nd (Rawalpindi) Division.
SMITH Daniel  1887–1919 Private M2/134234, Royal Army Service Corps.
SMITH Ethel Rosetta 1897–1918 Member (Baling Hand), Royal Army Service Corps.
SMITH, Frederick William 1888–1977 Sergeant 49396, 4th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters.
SMITH, George 1889–? Royal Garrison Artillery.
SMITH, George 1878–? Strapper RTS2075, Royal Army Service Corps Remounts Squadron II
SMITH, George Lancelot Vernon 1894–1941 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class, M1511, Royal Navy HMS Maidstone.
SMITH, Harry 1896–1919 Private 67111, 1st/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment, 153rd Brigade, 54th Division.
SMITH, Herbert Sudbury 1897–1993 Gunner 69496, Tank Corps.
SMITH, Reginald 1892–1955 Private 74609, Royal Welch Fusiliers.
SMITH, Tom Chamberlain 1879–1945 Sapper 289410, 265th Railway Company, Royal Engineers.
SMITHSON, Markham 1894–1938 Private 27746, 17th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 117th Brigade, 39th Division.
SNOWDEN, George 1890–1976 Sapper 283634, 265th Railway Company, Royal Engineers.
SPEED, Herbert 1877–1951 Private 196235, Royal Air Force.
SPENCER, Ernest Revil 1900–1968 Ordinary Seaman J84696, Royal Navy.
SPENCER, Fred 1877–? Private 268305,1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 8th Division.
SPOUGE, Charles Ernest 1899–1959 Driver 21270, Royal Regiment of Artillery.
SPRIGGS, Wallace Lingard 1899–1959 Private 41182, 1st Battalion, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 12th Brigade, 4th Division.
STAFFORD, John Vellam  1897–1917 Private 4368, 1st/8th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.
STAFFORD, Samuel Gibson 1892–1941 Private 47172, 1st/5th York and Lancaster Regiment, 148th Brigade, 49th (West Riding) Division.
STAFFORD, Sydney Charles 1895–1964 Private 3430, 1/8th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters.
STANLEY, Arthur 1878–1945 Acting Corporal 20806, 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters.
STANLEY, Walter Harry 1898–1957 Sergeant 331011, 13th (Service) Battalion, The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment), 45th Brigade, 15th Division.
STEADMAN, George Edward 1896–1980 Private 164952, Machine Gun Corps.
STEADMAN, Richard Wade 1891–1970 Gunner 134163, 50th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
STORRS, Frederick William. 1900–1985 Private 123443, The Sherwood Foresters.
STRATTON, Thomas Chapman 1889–1949 Acting Sergeant 146590, Royal Garrison Artillery.
STRONG, William Dykes 1895–1973 Gunner 55177, 26th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
TALBOT, Charles 1893–1958 Private 301304, 2nd Battalion, Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment), 8th Brigade, 3rd Division.
TALBOT, John Robert POW 1897–1945 Acting Battery Quarter Master Sergeant 98022, Royal Field Artillery.
TAYLOR, Archibald Goddard 1880–1939 No further information currently available.
TAYLOR, Louis Stone 1887–1953 Air Mechanic 194519, Royal Air Force.
TAYLOR, Wilfred Jackson 1886–1921 Gunner 64006, Royal Garrison Artillery.
THORPE, Charles 1898–1976 Gunner 612528, 816 Battery, Royal Horse Artillery.
THORPE, Harry 1883–1962 Warrant Officer Class 2 6973, 2nd Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 18th Brigade, 6th Division.
THORPE, William Henry  1876–1957 Driver T4/239663, Army Service Corps
THRAVES, Fred 1878–1940 Private 76752, The Sherwood Foresters.
TINDALE, Cecil George 1897–1959 Driver 63191, Royal Field Artillery, 59th Division.
TODD, Albert 1887–1972 Acting Sergeant A/3304, Army Service Corps.
TODD, Alfred Lawrence 1880–1934  Acting Corporal 155908, Royal Army Medical Corps
TODD, Arthur Edward 1899–1955 Private 276466 A Company, 2/1st Sherwood Rangers, 11 Cyclist Brigade.
TODD, Bertie Francis  1891–1915 Lance Sergeant 11259, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 8th Division.
TODD, George 1883–1947 Private 15382, Army Pay Corps.
TODD, Percy 1885–? Private 81655, 4th Battery, 1st Battalion, Reserve Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.
TOON, George Francis 1885–1961 Sapper 478338, Royal Engineers.
TOWNSEND, George 1898–1967 No further information currently available.
TURNER, Harry Warburton 1899–? Gunner 2091, Machine Gun Corps.
TURNER, Lawrence Charles  1893–1923 Private 17487, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 8th Division.
TYLER, Henry Norman MM 1893–1973 Private 69669, 8th Battalion, The York and Lancaster Regiment, 70th Brigade, 23rd Division.
TYTHERLEY, Charles  1888–1916 Private 91333, 2nd Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 71st Brigade, 6th Division.
UPTON, Alfred James POW 1897–1918 Private 53139, 1st/7th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own), West Riding Brigade, 49th Division.
VARNEY, Bertie 1884–1959 Private RX/4/214068 Army Service Corps Remount Squadron.
VICKERSTAFF, Albert 1896–1956 Sergeant 53288, A Coy, 41st Battery, Machine Gun Corps, 14th Division.
VICKERSTAFF, Archibald 1881–1962 Private M/347620, Tractor Depot, Army Service Corps.
VICKERSTAFF, Arthur 1888–1947 Private 21013, 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, 12th Brigade, 4th Division.
VICKERSTAFF, Charles Vincent MSM 1894–1973 Acting Sergeant 63193, Royal Field Artillery, 113th Brigade, 25th Division.
VICKERSTAFF, Frederick 1888–1953 Private 20812, 12th (Pioneer) Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Division.
VICKERSTAFF, George 1886–1947 Private 31045, Alexandra (Princess of Wales’s Own) Yorkshire Regiment, 150th Brigade, 50th Division.
VICKERSTAFF, John William 1887–? Sapper 33060, Royal Engineers
VICKERSTAFF, Leonard 1896–1962 Corporal 146165, Royal Army Medical Corps.
VICKERSTAFF, Robert 1900–1972 Private 4962502, 2nd Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 18th Brigade.
VICKERSTAFF, William 1893–1943 Private 24254, 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers
VICKERSTAFF, William Bates 1877–1970 Private 268302, 1st Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters
VICKERSTAFF William Cyril  1897–1918 Private 280626, 1/1st Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (South Notts. Hussars) 1st Mounted Division.
VOCE, Henry 1885–1914 Rifleman 6246, 1st Battalion, Kings Royal Rifles Corps, 6th Brigade, 2nd Division.
WALKER, Ernest Richmond 1896–1974 Private 554814, 484th Agricultural Company, Labour Corps.
WALKER, George Henry 1882–1917 Private 9006, 16th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 24th Brigade, 23rd Division.
WARD, Edward Henry 1886–1982 Bombardier 62760, D Battery, Royal Field Artillery, 110 Brigade.
WARREN, Edward McLandsborough Mervyn MC 1898–1950 Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery.
WATERS, Thomas Sydney 1885–1951 Private 6790, 1st Battalion, The Norfolk Regiment, 15th Brigade, 5th Division.
WESSON, Horace George Barnett 1893–1960 Rifleman 13/43140, 13th Royal Irish Rifles, 108th Brigade, 36th (Ulster) Division.
WHEATLEY, Edward 1882–1916 Private M2/082061, Army Service Corps, 619th Mechanical Transport Coy.
WHEATLEY, Robert Tennant 1891–1972 Sapper 140254, Royal Engineers.
WHEATLEY, Thomas 1875–1954 Driver T4/198384, 238th Company, Army Service Corps.
WHITWORTH, Walter Haworth 1882–1918 2nd Lieutenant, 1st/7th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, 125th Brigade, 42nd Division.
WILLIAMSON, William Alfred DCM, MID 1878–1982 Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant 52217, 2nd Battalion, The Lincolnshire Regiment, 25th Brigade, 8th Division.
WILSON, John Hereward 1900–1972 Private TR/6/52795 51st (Graduated) Battalion Training Reserve, The Sherwood Foresters.
WILSON, Walter 1876–1957 Private 31108, Labour Corps.
WOODSEND, William Arthur 1880–1970 Private M/270589, Royal Army Service Corps.
WOODWARD, William 1868–1934 Private 702, 451st Protection Company, Royal Defence Corps.
WOOLLEY, George Southwell 1881–1962 Private M/379072, MT Royal Army Service Corps.
WRIGHT,  Arthur 1889–1938 Gunner 113251, 56th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
WRIGHT, Charles Bertie 1893–1962 Driver L/42937, Royal Field Artillery, 30th Brigade, 3rd Division.
WRIGHT, Edmund John 1878–1964 Gunner 162566, Royal Garrison Artillery.
WRIGHT, Evelyn Henry 1885–1981 Sergeant DM2/135491, 972 MT Company, Royal Army Service Corps.
WRIGHT, George  1877- 1930 Corporal 35724, Machine Gun Corps
WRIGHT, Harry 1888–1952 Sapper, 126488, Royal Engineers, Signals.
WRIGHT, Sydney Percy 1895–1976 Driver L/42936, Royal Field Artillery,  L70 Brigade.
YOUNG, Arthur 1896–1917 Private 8316, 2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment.
YOUNG, John William 1887–1916 Lance Corporal 2084, 1st/8th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, 139th Brigade, 46th Division.