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March 2019
17.3.19 Radcliffe on Trent War Memorial article updated
11.3.19 Rockley Memorial Park article updated
6.3.19 Aftermath of WW1: Council Housing and ‘homes for heroes’
2.3.19 Publicity for talk by Dr Ifran Malik, The Story of Dulmail Village Radcliffe U3A meeting, 4th April
1.11.18 Radcliffe on Trent WW1 men of the month: Walter Dyson and Jack Nowell served in the same battalion in the Sherwood Foresters and were killed on the same day at the Battle of the Sambre
15.10.18 New information and new biography: Betsy Todd, wife of Alfred Lawrence Todd, nursing sister at Notts County Asylum (Saxondale) and Notts County War hospital.
1.10.18 New information and new biography: Wilfred May died of his wounds in Eastbourne Hospital on 2nd January 1917 following the amputation of his left arm.
1.10.18 Radcliffe on Trent WW1 man and woman of the month: Alfred James Upton, died of his wounds 13th October 1918 and Ethel Rosetta Smith died from influenza 22nd November 1918.
23.9.18 The Influenza Pandemic and its impact on Radcliffe on Trent. Article commemorating centenary of the pandemic.
19.9.18 Tribute to Archibald Simpson by his grandson Leigh Simpson.
1.9.18 Radcliffe on Trent WW1 man and woman of the month: 2nd Lieutenant Walter Haworth Whitworth, died of his wounds 14th September 1918, and Norah Green, who was employed as Head Clerk at West Bridgford Military Hospital, Musters Road.

The recollections of Mary Anna Jollie, psychiatric nurse at Notts County War Hospital (Saxondale)


Radcliffe on Trent WW1 man and woman of the month: Frederick Brown, killed in action 25th June 1918, and Gladys Breedon, who was employed as a railway porter at Radcliffe station


Biography for John Henry Mason of The King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, employed as an attendant at Notts County Asylum (Saxondale).


Story of Hilda Mary Dowson, Suffragist and Secretary of the Notts Branch of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies.


Radcliffe on Trent WWI Man and woman of the month: Bertie Bemrose, killed in action 29th May 1918 and his cousin Cissie Wesson, Red Cross VAD at Notts County War Hospital (Saxondale).


Additional details concerning obituaries, military records, memorials or family background have been added to the biographies of the following men:
Horace Beet, Percy Bemrose, George Brewster, Percy Cox, Samuel Eaton, James Harris, Ernest Humphrey, Frederick Malsom, George Nowell, John Nowell, John OuldWilliam Ritter, Alfred Upton, Henry Voce.

16.5.18 The story of Frank Barratt Daniels and how the YMCA assisted relatives of dangerously ill servicemen. This article includes entries from his diary from March 2nd 1916 to April 16th 1916, when he was fatally wounded. It goes on to describe how his relative visited him in France and attended his funeral at Le Treport.
1.5.18 Radcliffe on Trent WWI man and woman of the month: William Vickerstaff, lost at sea 27th May 1918 during the sinking of HMS Leasowe Castle, and Mary Elizabeth Green, Red Cross VAD, storekeeper at Trent Bridge Pavilion Hospital, who later married Francis Percival Holmes.
23.4.18 Radcliffe Remembers The South Nottinghamshire Hussars Article exploring the history of the South Notts Hussars in WWI and experiences of Radcliffe men who fought with them at Gallipoli, the Balkans, Egypt and the Western Front.
14.4.18 Six new women’s biographies added: Jane Simpson, deputy matron, Notts County War Hospital and Notts 94 Red Cross VAD Members Kathleen Boyle, Mary Green, Norah Green, Louisa Sherlock and Ann Alfrieda Smith who lived near Radcliffe on Trent.
14.4.18 Radcliffe on Trent WWI April man and woman of the month: Charles Claye, RAF, killed 5th July 1918 and Harriett Pike, wife of RAF air craftsman.
1.4.18 Article commemorating the RAF centenary and Radcliffe’s WW1 air servicemen exploring the experiences of observers, pilots and ground crew with the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Air Force.
27.3.18 In preparation for the centenary of the RAF in April 2018, the following biographies of aircrew have been updated on this website: Charles Claye (observer RAF), William Ecob (flight cadet instructor), William Ritter (observer RFC), Norman Saward (pilot RFC), Pike brothers Fred, Jack and Tom (air mechanics RNAS then RAF) Lewis Scrimshaw (engine fitter RFC then RAF) Gerald Robotham (flight cadet RAF).
2.3.18 Radcliffe on Trent WWI February man and woman of the month: Cecil Bolton, killed in action 21st March 1918, and Constance Howard, Red Cross nurse. Cecil Bolton returned from Australia to enlist.
3.2.18 Newspaper article recounting Gordon Litchfield‘s war experiences added to his biography.
1.2.18 Photos added to biographies of Archibald Vere Simpson and Ellen Leaver.
1.2.18 Details of cause of death added to biography of Henry Bakewell.
1.2.18 Radcliffe on Trent WWI February man and woman of the month: Edward James Selby and Susannah Mary Addyman. They were neighbours on Cropwell Road, Radcliffe on Trent
1.1.18 Radcliffe on Trent WWI January man and woman of the month: Wilfred Madeley and Kate Barnard. Wilfred was sometimes referred to in records as William.
December 2017
13.12.17 Revised and updated article about Belgian refugees in Radcliffe and Nottingham added to site. Article includes a photograph and letters from refugee Lydia Everaert-Faveers.
4.12.17 Seven new women’s biographies added: Doris Bonner, May Clowes, Isabella Fagan, Florence Holmes, Alice O’Reilly and Eileen Young who were Red Cross clerical workers employed at Notts County War Hospital and Elizabeth Pratt, cook and Red Cross V.A.D. at Lamcote Auxiliary Hospital for Officers.
1.12.17 Radcliffe on Trent WW1 December man and woman of the month: George Neil Campbell, son of the Radcliffe doctor and Mary Ann Ward, District nurse
November 2017
1.11.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI November man and woman of the month: Frederick Malsom and Charlotte Haynes
October 2017
25.10.17 Frank Barrett Daniel‘s personal war diary added to his biography.
17.10.17 Review of Rockley Memorial Park Commemoration added to main Park article.
1.10.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI October man and woman of the month: Charles Wightman Pike and his wife Agnes Foster.
September 2017
1.9.17 Details of Rockley Memorial Park Commemorations 5th, 12th and 15th October 2017
1.9.17 Ypres Chair commemorates Radcliffe on Trent servicemen
1.9.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI September man and woman of the month: John William Brewitt and Mary Cecilia Bethune
August 2017
1.8.17 Biographies of 9 women who served at Lamcote Auxiliary Hospital for Officers: Mary Bethune, Aline Hales, Elizabeth Herald, Katherine Hickson, Joyce and Philippa Howett, Helena LemanLouisa Long, Muriel Middlemass.
1.8.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI August man and woman of the month: Gilbert Elwin and Florence Parr
July 2017
27.7.17 Update to Constance Howard‘s biography showing her nursing service after WWI.
27.7.17 Updates to biographies of male attendants at Notts County Asylum: George Faulkner, Thomas Stratton and Charles Vickerstaff.
1.7.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI July woman and man of the month: local schoolteachers Mary Jane Scrimshaw and Thomas Peck, who was killed 3rd July 1917.
June 2017
26.6.17 Photographs taken at Radcliffe on Trent  ‘Picnic in the Park’, Sunday 25th June 2017 added to updated Rockley Memorial Park article.
26.6.17 New biography added for George Foster 
4.6.17 Site map added to website.  Click here to access. You will also find links to the site map on the Home Page and under ‘News’ in the Menu tool bar.
1.6.17 The Story of ‘Territorials go to War‘ a painting by Michael Lees MBE
1.6.17 A Tribute to Sydney Newbury 1893-1917, 2nd Lt. 1st/7th Sherwood Foresters.
1.6.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI June woman and man of the month: Ada Newbury and her brother Alvin
May 2017
1.5.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI May man and woman of the month, Helen Packwood and her brother Thomas
April 2017
28.4.17 Wilfred Houseley: previously unrecorded information about his service as a Lieutenant in the Reserve Regiment of Cavalry added to biography, together with photographs.
25.4.17 Grace Durant Biography: new details and photographs added to her biography.
11.4.17. Read revised article Radcliffe on Trent War Memorial : see new findings.
4.4.17. Read Memoirs of Malta by Radcliffe on Trent nurse Grace Durant, previously unpublished transcription of document held at Imperial War Museum.
2.4.17. Radcliffe on Trent WWI April man and woman of the month, Mary Brice and her son John Edward Brice
March 2017
14.3.17. New biography added for Ada Newbury, Red Cross auxiliary nurse, who married William Ecob
7.3.17. New biography added for district nurse Mary Ward, mother of nurse Grace Durant.
5.3.17. New details added to William Bramley’s biography regarding his life before and after his military service..
1.3.17. Radcliffe on Trent WWI March man and woman of the month, Francis Holmes and his sister Marie Holmes.
February 2017
10.2.17 Revised article with new information on Belgian refugees added to News page. See ‘Belgian Refugees in Radcliffe and Nottingham’.
5.2.17 ‘Radcliffe youth saves comrade from drowning’. Go to John Barry and Oswald Bolton‘s biographies to find out more.
5.2.17 New serviceman biography added: Oswald Bolton. New information added to brother Cecil Bolton‘s biography about his service and family life in Australia.
1.2.17 ‘Radcliffe on Trent Cemetery WWI War Graves’ article added to News page.
1.2.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI February man and woman of the month, Ernest Taylor Eastwood and Ethel Rosetta Smith
January 2017
30.1.17 New serviceman biography added: Edward Henry Ward, Royal Field Artillery
28.1.17 New serviceman biography added: George Smith, Royal Army Service Corps Remounts Squadron II
23.1.17 New details added to Harry Smith’s biography regarding tragic circumstances of his death at Notts. County War Hospital.
 9.1.17 Farming in Radcliffe on Trent 1911-1920′ added to News Page.
 5.1.17 New details added to Walter Reginald Houseley‘s biography showing his service record as a conscientious objector with the Friends Ambulance Unit.
 1.1.17 Radcliffe on Trent WWI January man and woman of the month, Isaac Saint and Olive Elnor.
December 2016
1.12.16 New biography of Claire Birkin including letters from a private collection held at the Imperial War Museum.
1.12.16 William Ecob: new photographs and information added to biography.
1.12.16 Radcliffe on Trent WWI December man and woman of the month, Charles Birkin and  Claire Birkin.
November 2016
29.11.16 New biography of Claire Birkin including letters from a private collection held at the Imperial War Museum.
25.11.16 New serviceman biography added: Herbert Fletcher, Aircraftman.
6.11.16 John Ould and Joseph Hull, both killed WW1, have been identified as cousins. See their updated biographies for details.
5.11.16 George and Robert Blatherwick: further information added to their biographies.
3.11.16 Radcliffe on Trent Golf Club and the Great War – discover tragedies behind play on the course in the war years and a little bit about the history of the club here.
1.11.16 Radcliffe on Trent WWI November man and woman of the month, John Fillingham Bishop and his sister, Violet Mary Bishop.
October 2016
12.10.16 Francis Percy Ralph Osborne is a recently discovered serviceman who was born in 1902. His service in the R.A.F. lasted from 1918 until 1944. Click name to read biography.
2.10.16 Radcliffe on Trent WWI October man and woman of the month, Charles Tytherley and Gladys Breedon.
September 2016
26.9.16 Harry Johnson: Distinguished Conduct Medal award and military details discovered.
23.9.16 Twenty three new servicemen biographies added. Click here for more information.
21.9.16 Thomas Hull Simpson new information added to biography including details of military service
18.9.16 New Zealand commemorated the centenary of the Somme on 15th September 2016 at Longueval, France. See Somme Centenary News for summary and Maori Cultural Group photo.
16.9.16 Women’s Forage Corps Member Ethel Rosetta Smith: identity discovered after three years of investigation by Radcliffe on Trent WWI research team. Read her biography here.
9.9.16 Field punishment Number 1 and 2 – find out about Army brutality in WWI and how Radcliffe servicemen were punished here.
6.9.16 George William Graves: service record found. Military details added to his biography.
4.9.16 Edward Warren and Walter Whitworth – new information added to biographies revealing their connections with Argentina and Radcliffe on Trent, their intertwined families and a link with the Dambusters Raid in WWII.
4.9.16 Frank Barrett Daniels new information added to biography: service details, injuries and cause of death.
1.9.16 Radcliffe on Trent WWI September man and woman of the month, William Ecob and Grace Daisy Newbury.
August 2016
19.8.16 Radcliffe resident and family commemorate relatives Gunner Andrew Scott and Sergeant Robert Snowdon at Flatiron Copse, the Somme, August 2016. They also visited cemetries of Radcliffe servicemen. Go to ‘Radcliffe on Trent Remembers the Somme’ on News Page for photos and details.
19.8.16 Grace Daisy Newbury – photograph of her in nurse’s uniform added to biography
16.8.16 ‘The Story of Kate Barnard: Member of Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps’. Read story here
9.8.16 Causes of deaths added for three men on the Radcliffe on Trent memorial who died in the U.K. after the war was over. See biographies for Edward Upton Bell, William Brice and Lawrence Turner. Source: death certificates.
4.8.16 ‘What did Radcliffe on Trent women do in WWI’ added to News page
1.8.16 Somme Centenary News. See new photographs and summaries of Somme 2016 commemorations
1.8.16 Radcliffe on Trent WWI August man and woman of the month, John Ould and Eliza Frear.
July 2016
30.7.16 Somme deaths: Robert Hallam (died 20.7.16), Charles Paine (died 5.8.16), John Ould (died 8.8.16), William Barratt (died 3.9.16), Walter Dawson (died 16.9.16), John Richards (died 13.11.16) – new information added to biographies. View by clicking on name or on How Radcliffe on Trent Servicemen Died.
30.7.16 Wounded on the Somme.  John Fillingham Bishop (wounded and captured 1.7.16) and Sidney Bell (wounded 1.10.16) – new information added to biographies. View updates by clicking on name or on How Radcliffe on Trent Servicemen Died.
27.7.16 Alfred James Upton, biography updates
27.7.16 Fred Wightman Pike, biography updates
27.7.16 Charles Wightman Pike, biography updates
15.7.16 William Alfred Ecob, biography updates
11.7.16 Grace Reynolds Durant, photograph added
8.7.16 Gordon Litchfield, photograph added
8.7.16 James Eason, biography updates
6.7.16 Sidney Wright, photograph added
3.7.16 Somme centenary news updates
1.7.16 Radcliffe on Trent WWI July man and woman of the month, Robert Hallam and Grace Durant.
June 2016
24.6.16 Radcliffe on Trent Remembers the Battle of the Somme added to News page
6.6.16 1939 Register: entries showing addresses and occupations of Radcliffe on Trent ex- servicemen in 1939 added to over 200 biographies
6.6.16 Robert Hallam, biography updates
6.6.16 Lucretia White, biography added to website
5.6.16 William Ritter, biography updates
1.6.16 Grace Reynolds Durant, biography updates
1.6.16 Radcliffe on Trent WWI June man and woman of the month, Lawrence Charles Turner and Dorothy Mary Turner.
May 2016
31.5.16 Fred Doughty, photographs added
30.5.16 Daisy Carolina Sharp, biography added to website
30.5.16 Lucy Elizabeth Sharp, biography added to website
30.5.16 John Fillingham Bishop, biography updates
30.5.16 Henry Marshall, biography updates
28.5.16 Dorothy Mary Turner, biography added to website
26.5.16 Archibald Vere Simpson, updates to biography
25.5.16 Eliza Ann Frear, biography added to website
23.5.16 Zilla Barrett, biography added to website
19.5.16 Charles Wilfred Birkin, biography updates
19.5.16 Percy Cyril Cox, biography updates
19.5.16 Violet Hilda Margaret Birkin, biography added to Radcliffe on Trent Women
18.5.16 Douglas Blew-Jones, biography updates
12.5.16 Mary Jane Scrimshaw, biography added to Radcliffe on Trent Women
9.5.16 Charlotte Emma Haynes, biography added to Radcliffe on Trent Women
9.5.16 Emma Brewster Haynes, biography added to Radcliffe on Trent Women
2.5.16 William Lisle Rockley, biography updates
1.5.16 Radcliffe on Trent WWI May man and  woman of the month, Norman Lloyd Dexter and Helena Mary Dexter.
April 2016
18.4.16 Holme Pierrepont WWI servicemen: 22 biographies added to website.
18.4.16 Holme Pierrepont Memorial and WWI commemoration added to website.