Radcliffe on Trent Memorial Names

The sixty-one men on Radcliffe on Trent War Memorial are listed below. Their names are linked to their biographies. You may wish to come back to this page and read more about the men after finishing the main article.

Private 33634 Matthew Baggley 1894–1916 3rd Sherwood Foresters
Sergeant 28393 William H. Barratt 1888–1916 17th Sherwood Foresters
Gunner 11078 Horace Beet 1893–1918 Royal Field Artillery
Private 29633 Edward Upton Bell 1899–1922 Grenadier Guards
Private 6/3989 Sidney Bell 1872–1918 Canterbury Regiment N.Z.E.F.
L/Corporal 11249 Bertie Bemrose 1890–1918 1st Sherwood Foresters
L/ Corporal 10411 Ernest Bemrose 1889–1914 2nd Sherwood Foresters
Private 11500 Percy Bemrose 1893–1915 1st Sherwood Foresters
Private 7434 Gordon Berridge 1886–1915 1st Leicestershire Rgt.
Gunner 63959 Thomas H. Birkby 1893–1917 Royal Field Artillery
Private 6/1468 George Blatherwick 1892–1915 Canterbury Regiment N.Z.E.F
2nd Lt. Robert Hugh Blatherwick 1894–1916 10th West Yorkshire Rgt.
Gunner 23394 George Brewster 1886–1915 Royal Garrison Artillery
Private 300858 William R. Brice 1885–1918 R.A.F.
Private 32907 Frederick Brown 1883–1918 2nd South Staffordshire Rgt.
Gunner 55150 Thomas A. Buggins 1894–1917 Royal Garrison Artillery
Private 48425 Benjamin Carlin 1900–1918 Yorkshire Regiment
Private 5068 Arthur Clarke 1896–1915 3rd Sherwood Foresters
2nd Lt. Percy Cyril Cox 1895–1917 25th Northumberland Fusiliers
L/Corporal 1598 Frank B. Daniels 1892–1916 1/7th Sherwood Foresters
Private 34774 Walter Dawson 1893–1916 9th Sherwood Foresters
Private 7888 Percy Draper 1887–1915 1st Lincolnshire Rgt.
Private 8200 Walter Draper 1895–1915 10th (Prince of Wales’s Own Royal) Hussars
Private 27472 Walter Dyson 1878–1918 9th Sherwood Foresters
Lieutenant Ernest Taylor Eastwood 1877–1918 R.A.F., formerly Royal Engineers
Private 267657 Samuel Eaton 1883–1917 1/7th Sherwood Foresters
2nd Lt. Robert Samuel Hallam 1898–1916 15th Sherwood Foresters
L/Corporal 267276 James Harris 1888–1918 1/6th Northumberland Fusiliers
Private Ernest Howard 1887–1918 Royal Army Service Corps
Guardsman 146 Joseph William Hull 1890–1917 Machine Gun Guards
Lance Corporal Leslie Toyne Hyde 1889–1920 Royal Army Service Corps
Private 12/967 Cecil Ismay Ingram 1888–1916 12th York and Lancaster Rgt.
Private 26277 Percy T. Kitchen 1890–1916 16th Sherwood Foresters
Private 204692 William T. Lodge 1888–1918 10th Sherwood Foresters
Private 763130 Frederick G. Malsom 1897–1917` 1/28th London Regiment (Artist’s Rifles)
Private 2990 John Harry Martin 1890–1916 1/4th Yorkshire Rgt.
S/Smith 99052 Clarence J. Moody 1886–1915 Royal Horse Artillery
Corporal 2770 Alvin Henry Newbury 1889–1916 1/6th London Rifles
2nd Lt. Sydney Eldridge Newbury 1893–1917 1/7th Sherwood Foresters
Private 41108 Edgar Gale Nowell 1897–1917 17th Sherwood Foresters
Sgt 19087 George Henderson Nowell 1891–1916 10th Sherwood Foresters
Sergeant 266072 John Nowell 1891–1918 9th Sherwood Foresters
Private 46908 Samuel B. Osbourne 1899–1918 2nd Essex Regiment
Sergeant 479John Ould 1895–1916 24th Bn. Australian Imperial Force
Private 36412 Thomas Packwood 1888–1918 15th Sherwood Foresters
Private 103567 Samuel Parkes 1899–1918 10th Sherwood Foresters
Bombardier 69378 Thomas A. Peck 1889–1917 Royal Garrison Artillery
Gunner 113807 Charles W. Pike 1882–1917 Royal Garrison Artillery
Lieutenant John William Richards 1886–1916 1st Royal Marine Light Infantry
Lieutenant William Henry Ritter 1893–1917 15th Sqn. Royal Flying Corps
Driver William Roberts 1875–1917 Canadian Field Artillery
L/Sgt 14988 Leonard W Rushmore 1893–1919 13th Northumberland Fusiliers
Private 33575 George J. Sheppard 1897–1918 13th East Lancashire Rgt.
Private M2/134234 Daniel Smith 1887–1919 Royal Army Service Corps
Private 4368 John Vellam Stafford 1897–1917 1/8th Sherwood Foresters
L/Sgt 11259 Bertie Francis Todd 1891–1915 1st Sherwood Foresters
Private 17487 Lawrence C. Turner 1893–1923 1st Sherwood Foresters
Private 9133 Charles Tytherley 1888–1916 2nd Sherwood Foresters
Private 53139 Alfred James Upton 1897–1918 1/7th West Yorkshire Regiment
Private 280626 William Vickerstaff 1897–1918 1/1st South Notts. Hussars
Rifleman 6246 Henry (Harry) Voce 1885–1914 1st Kings Royal Rifle Corps