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Radcliffe on Trent village school

Born: 6th May 1897 in Radcliffe on Trent and baptised on 20th June 1897 at St Mary’s Church

Remained single. Sister of Lawrence, who died in 1923.

Died: 4th February 1960 in Beeston, Notts.

Before the war

In 1901 Dorothy, age three, is living on Victoria Street, Radcliffe on Trent, with her father Richard Joseph, age thirty-seven and a wheelwright, mother Kate Ellen (nee Warburton) age thirty-five, brothers Lawrence age eight, Harry Warburton, age two, and sister Alice Gertrude age five.

In 1911 she is thirteen and living with her parents. Her father is now a carriage builder, brother Lawrence is a clerk employed by the railway, sister Alice has no recorded occupation and brother Harry is at school. There is a younger brother, Bernard Richard, age three.

During the war

Dorothy commenced her year of practical training in 1915 as a student teacher at the village school where she had attended as a pupil teacher from 1911-1915. Several of the boys who were at the school when she was a pupil teacher in 1911 went on to serve in the war.

 After the war

She became a certified teacher on 1st May 1919 but terminated her employment at the school on 31st March 1920.

The family are still in the village in 1923 and are living on Main Road.

Her mother Kate Ellen died in 1931 and her father in 1940. They are both buried in Radcliffe cemetery. Her brother Lawrence died in 1923 and is remembered on the Radcliffe on Trent war memorial (see his biography).

In 1939 Dorothy is recorded as living at 6 Broadgate, Beeston with her father. She is shown as a school teacher. Her father died the following year on 27th February at a nursing home on Broadgate, Beeston.

Dorothy died on 4th February 1960, age sixty two. Her will states that she was still living at 6 Broadgate, Beeston. Probate was given to Violet Irene Hollinshead, spinster and Robert Hugh Willatt, solicitor. Effects of £117.0s.6d.


Author: Marion Caunt