CHARLES OULD 1901–1970

Royal navy

Born 28th November 1901 in St Olave Bermondsey, London

Died December 1970 in Bristol district, age 69

Brother of John Ould who died of wounds 8th August 1916 in France

1911 Census

Age 9 living on Bingham Road, Radcliffe on Trent, with mother Catherine, charwoman (housework) and his sisters Margaret 16, Ellen 12, brothers John 15 and Richard 7. He was employed as a printer at Edmund Wright’s, Bailey Lane. Catherine is recorded as wife not head of the family (father absent on the night of the Census?)

Military Service

From the UK, Royal Navy Registers of Seamen’s Services:

Rank: Able Seaman

Service Number: J90518

Military Unit: Royal Navy

Theatre of War: UK

First service date 26.6.18

Signed up for 12 years on 28.11.19, then served continuously to 1945

Height 5feet 6⅝inches; chest 34½inches; hair brown; eyes brown; complexion fresh; occupation: packer

Service Record:

Ship Rating From To
Ganges Boy 2 26.6.18
Ganges Boy 1 22.11.18 6.3.19
Pembroke I 7.3.19 24.4.19
Tiger 25.4.19
Tiger Ordinary Seaman 28.4.19
Tiger Able Seaman 11.12.20 26.1.20 5 days cells
Tiger 1.2.21 22.5.21 5 days cells
Tiger 28.5.21 30.9.21
Pembroke 1 1.10.21 23.1.22
Marlborough 24.1.22 1.5.22
Calypso 2.5.22 4.5.22 3 days cells
Calypso 19.5.22 15.8.23
Egmont 15.9.23 16.9.23
Calypso 17.9.23 1.4.25
Ganges 2.4.25 27.8.26
Pembroke 1 28.8.26 30.8.26
Columbine (Wessex) 31.8.26 1.1.28
Pembroke 1 2.1.28 30.6.28
Pembroke 1 (Malcolm) 1.7.28 Service is assumed to be continuous as no further “To” dates are given
Pembroke 2-4 (Wivern) 1.1.29
Pembroke 1-3 19.2.29
Sussex 26.3.29
Pembroke 1 7.10.31
Pembroke 1 7.1.32
Pembroke 1 (Ambuscade) 22.4.32
Pembroke 1 9.6.32
Pembroke 1 15.9.33
Kent 25.5.34
Pembroke 1 21.12.36
Wildfire 16.2.37
Pembroke 1 26.2.37
Sheffield (F.A.A.) 31.8.37
Pembroke 1 15.1.38
Pembroke 2 (Foxhound) 7.5.38
Cormorant (Foxhound) 1.1.41
Pembroke 17.9.45 Released in Class A

15.9.25: Granted G1 (first Good Conduct badge). This gave him an extra penny per day on his pay

22.1.28: Granted G2 (second Good Conduct badge)

19.9.28: Fracture of right scaphoid bone (in the wrist)

By 20.11.37 he had 3 Good Conduct badges

Notes on his record state ’Paid War gratuity (WW1), HMS ‘Tiger’ list’ and ‘War gratuity paid HMS Pembroke (WW2); another note states ‘Traced pension 26/7/45’

Address 42 Sneinton Dale, Nottingham at the end of WW2

Medals Awarded: British War (WW1)

Ships served on

The following information is adapted from and Wikipedia:

HMS Ganges: training ship based in Shotley

HMS Tiger: battlecruiser which in 1920 was part of the Atlantic Fleet

HMS Pembroke: base depot in Chatham

HMS Calypso: light cruiser of the Caledon Class

HMS Egmont: base ship in Malta

HMS Columbine: shore base; the tender was Wessex, a destroyer which was part of the Atlantic Fleet

HMS Pembroke 2: base depot in Chatham; the tender was HMS Malcolm, a Scott-class destroyer

HMS Wivern: V&W-class destroyer serving Pembroke 2-4, base depots in Chatham

HMS Sussex: County-class heavy cruiser, commissioned March 1929, serving in the Mediterranean.

HMS Ambuscade: destroyer serving as a tender to Pembroke 1 in April 1932

HMS Kent: County-type heavy cruiser, recommissioned 25.5.34 for service on China station, Hong Kong. Returned to Chatham from Hong Kong in late December 1936 for re-fit

HMS Wildfire: Naval depot at Sheerness recommissioned on 16th February 1937 as a boys’ training establishment, having been closed since 1922

HMS Sheffield (Fleet Air Arm): Town-type light cruiser, commissioned for service in the 2nd Cruiser Squadron on 25th August 1937

HMS Cormorant: Royal naval base in Gibraltar, served by HMS Foxhound, an F-class destroyer based in the Mediterranean during 1940-41

Reasons for inclusion on Radcliffe on Trent Roll of Honour

Lived and worked in Radcliffe on Trent

HMS Tiger